Bruce Gates

Bruce Gates earned his bachelor and Master degrees in geology from the University of Texas at Austin.  Mr. Gates’ professional career began in 1987 as a Petroleum Geologist working for Bright & Company, an established family oil and gas exploration and production company. Subsequent to Bright & Company he managed U.S. Enercorp, LTD for 20 years until he did an ownership restructuring and formed Ageron Energy, LLC in 2015. Throughout his career he has been involved in oil and gas exploration in the Tertiary trends along the Gulf Coast, Cretaceous and Devonian in the Rockies, and most recently the Austin Chalk, Eagle ford and Buda trends in S. Texas.

Blaine Spies
Vice President

Blaine Spies joined up with Bruce Gates in 2014 as the Vice President of Operations.  Mr. Spies has more than 20 years of extensive technical and managerial roles in oil and gas exploration.  His experiences in tight rock, deep water and shale resource plays bring valuable knowledge to Ageron Energy.  Mr. Spies graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1992 where he earned a Petroleum Engineering degree.  He acquired his MBA from Colorado Technical University in 2009.